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Reminders From Your Coastal Eye Optician

Is your eyeglass prescription current? Prescriptions expire after two years, which can catch people by surprise, much to their inconvenience. Imagine a broken frame on the weekend with no adequate back-up and no current prescription. Lisa and her fellow Coastal Eye opticians remind you to keep your prescription updated with regular visits to your eye doctor. Your doctor can recommend how often you should get an exam — and a refraction to determine your glasses prescription. Keep in mind that even if there is not a major change in the prescription, it may be time for new glasses anyways – for instance, if your current glasses are scratched, or the frame is broken, worn, or just out of style. And having a good backup for emergencies is always a good idea.

Coastal Eye’s opticians are happy to do adjustments and minor repairs to your glasses during your visit to our office. Feel free to take advantage of their services while waiting for the doctor, or while your eyes are dilating.

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