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Dr. Wan on Ethics in Healthcare

Dr. Lee Wan, Coastal Eye Medical Director, was a featured panelist at “Red, White and You, American Politics through a Healthcare Lens,” an educational seminar co-sponsored by Community Memorial Hospital and Seaview IPA on Oct. 26. Dr. Wan was asked to represent local physicians and patients as Past President of the Ventura County Medical Association. Fellow panelists included Democratic State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, and Howard Hyde, President of the Southern California Republican Club. The panelists discussed a variety of political healthcare issues, such as the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, and various health-related ballot propositions.

Following the seminar, Dr. Wan was featured in an article in the Ventura County Star talking about the challenges that doctors face due to increasingly burdensome government regulations, which are causing many doctors to burn out or seek retirement. In Dr. Wan’s view, although these regulations are intended to improve quality and reduce cost, they actually interfere with the doctors’ ability to care for their patients, and add costly busywork that does little to improve healthcare.

In November, Dr. Wan was honored by the Ventura County Medical Association with its “Above and Beyond Award” for his service to the Association and his fellow physicians. The award cites his leadership, stating “A leader stands out by the nature of one’s commitment and the integrity of one’s character.”

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